SEO & Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

When it comes to changes in Google’s indexing algorithm, I’m starting to get a complex. Pandas, penguins and hummingbirds are favourites in my household. The affable panda can do a lot of damage to rankings in Google’s SERPs – a business’ SEO efforts are turned into bamboo.

As a writer, however, the direction of the algorithm changes is exciting. Businesses can no longer afford to publish weak content that isn’t original and semantically self-conscious. The writer and the geek get to play. And we’re not talking ‘it’ – this is ‘kiss-chase.’


  • Digital Copywriter – make sure you hire a writer who is skilled in digital copywriting. Their words need to be supported by strong technical knowledge.
  • Content – a robust strategy is needed to steer your content marketing. Your information architecture will organise your data semantically. A talented copywriter will write potent copy that’s SEO aware, and talks to your customers in the right voice and tone.
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO – your copywriter needs to know when to wrap text in a <H2> tag, how to optimise internal linking, and the importance of building trusted, high authority inbound links. If only the list ended here.
  • Social Signals – social media is a pivotal part of your content marketing. Think viral and publish high quality, well researched content that your customers and connections will share.
  • User Signals – informative and well written content will engage your site’s visitors, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions.
  • Domain Authority – it’s all about a brand’s authority within its domain. Use a copywriter that will give your brand a voice that your customers trust.

Content Marketing

Whether you’re looking to publish regular articles, design a viral social media campaign, or rebrand your business, content marketing is about delivering informative content to help attract new customers.

You don’t need a PhD in particle physics either – you just need creative people who thrive on iterating over ideas to find the right solution for your business. A great copywriter helps. Naturally.