Freelance Copywriting


Imagine waking up one morning to discover that you’re mute. Words are jumping in your skull like grasshoppers trapped in a jar.

Now open the lid and set the words free. This is why you hire a freelance copywriter.

There will be no more grasshoppers fighting for air, just copy that communicates effectively and builds trust.

Words are important. Make sure your copywriter would tattoo that maxim onto their forehead if it wasn’t going to make them look like an idiot.


The Role of a Copywriter


  • Creative Strategy – every project needs one, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. A strategy will inform the brief, the design, and the words. It will also foster success.
  • Voice, Tone, and Branding Guidelines – your content needs a voice and a tone that suits your business, and more importantly, grabs your customers by their lapels. Branding guidelines will ensure that your content, from a 10 word tweet to a 10,000 word case study, has a consistent voice and tone.
  • Short Copy  – attention grabbing headlines, branded slogans and email marketing copy. Short, simple, but engaging. *
  • Long Copy – a format which is back in vogue, particularly now that search engines are punishing low quality content. The art of storytelling through longer, creative narratives is a skill that your business needs. *
  • SEO & Content Marketing – a badly devised or poorly implemented strategy for your content marketing will hurt your SEO. Plan and then plan again – iterate your ideas until you have an Aston Martin. Leave the Robin Reliant to Del Boy.

* No grasshoppers will be hurt during the production of your content.

Copy for Marketing Campaigns

Whether your campaign is targeting printed media, digital media, or both – you need a consistent message, and a copywriter who can adapt the content to suit the medium’s subtle nuances. Just don’t ask me to ‘market’ political manifestos.

Digital Copywriting

I’m comfortable talking about concepts, negative space and Boolean algebra – I can work with art directors, designers and developers – it’s like spraying WD40 onto your digital work flow.